Do you love wood?
Are you amazed at the variety of colours and patterns of the grain?
Do you enjoy making things and trying your hand at new skills?
Have you got an interest in engineering and would love a hobby that uses those principles in an affordable way.
Perhaps you have a lathe and tools tucked away in the shed and just need some help getting started...
If so you should come and join us at HPWT club where we welcome beginners (with or without a lathe) and all who want to improve or share their skills and knowledge.
We hold monthly wood turning demonstrations, members' competitions, regular 'hands-on' evenings and one-to-one personal tuition can be arranged.
Joining Fees are currently £55 per year for full membership, we also have the following Concessionary catagories: Junior/Student (in full time education) and Social Member (this is intended for members who have had to give up turning due to ill health to remian active in the club) both of which are £5.
We charge a nominal fee for non members attending an evening wich is reduced from your subscription if you decide to join us.
We also charge a small fee on hands on evenings to cover the additional room hire.
Members Information
The Following documents are provided for current and perspective members to view online
Club Risk Assessment.pdf
Club Constitution.pdf
Hints and tips on dealing with splits, cracks and punky wood (from a talk by David Henson).pdf

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